Information to students regarding scanning

Starting in 2017, all exams within the Faculty of Science and Technology are scanned. It applies to all exams to which you have signed up on the student portal and where the exam is written on paper size A4. Other paper formats cannot be scanned.

This means that your exam will be returned to you in a digital format, which you can download onto your own hard drive. You can access your exam by logging in with your CAS login on a server. The exam is saved on the server for two years, then erased, according to the current archive rules for examination.

Remember to log in and check your exam as soon as possible in order to verify that everything is in order. After two months, it is not possible to rescan the exam.

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Grades cannot be appealed. However, grades can be reviewed. This is regulated in the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 6. It states:

Section 24

If an examiner finds that a decision on a grade is obviously incorrect owing to new circumstances or for some other reason, he or she shall change the decision if this can be done quickly and easily and if it does not mean lowering the grade. Ordinance (2006:1053). 

This means in practice:

  • Since the grade cannot be appealed, no new instance can evaluate the exam or any other basis of assessment, such as assignments.
  • A review of the grade is done by the examiner if requested by the student.
  • A review means a quick look for obvious errors in the marking. Typical examples are incorrect adding up of results or forgetting to mark a question.

Therefore: a review takes place due to “new circumstances” or if the grade is “blatantly false” and if the change “can be made quickly and easily”. It is not about “re-marking” or “reassessing” already evaluated answers, but to correct obvious errors. Form for review.

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