Transferring and including courses for credit

You have the right to transfer credit for courses that are judged to be equivalent to compulsory courses or course components in your programme or that are relevant to your programme.

Science programmes

As a rule, courses taken at Swedish institutions of higher education do not have to be formally transferred by being entered into the student registry. This will be done only if it is not perfectly clear that the credit is transferrable; otherwise all you need to do is append your course certificates with your request to claim your degree. Your study guidance counsellor can tell you whether you need to apply to have the credit transferred or not. You can also have a course component transferred for credit; it needs to be registered, and this is done at the department. Ask your study guidance counsellor about any forms and routines.

A formal credit transfer is always needed for programmes and courses taken abroad. The Graduation Office determines whether credit can be transferred. You apply to the Degree Office, but the documents are submitted to your study guidance counsellor. After registering receipt of the documents, evaluating the legitimacy of the studies, and translating them into the Swedish higher education system, the Graduation Office will contact your study guidance counsellor, who will further process the matter by contacting the relevant programme director.

Last modified: 2021-08-25