Approved leave from studies

If you plan to take a break in your studies on the programme for a semester/year in order to travel, work, or study something else, you must register for an approved leave of absence from your studies. You can also register for an approved leave from studies in order to study abroad. In this way you retain the possibility of being a member of your nation/union and keep your student account (UpUnet-S). During your approved leave you have the right to register for new courses, re-register for old courses, and sit for retake examinations. Your return is effected by registering for courses on, by April 15 ahead of the autumn semester and by October 15 ahead of the spring semester.

You can access the registration form for approved leave from studies in your master programme on the homepage of the respective subjects or from your study counsellor, who is also the officer in charge of your case.

For students at the department of Civil and Industrial Engineering

Digital application for academic leave of absence
Digital application for interruption of studies

If you should fall ill

Please let your teacher know if you will miss compulsory items.

If you need advice, start by calling “Sjukvårdsrådgivningen” (the Health Care Information, on phone number 1177. You can call all days, 24 hours a day for a consultation, and if necessary, be referred to a doctor.

The Health Care Centres (“Vårdcentraler”) may also assist you. Call for a consultation or to make an appointment (restricted phone hours). Remember: When visiting a doctor, you should bring your insurance forms.

The Student Health center is a complement to the public health care system and is mainly devoted to the treatment of health problems originating in, or aggravated by the conditions related to studying, e.g. anxiety, lack of confidence, stress, problems with alcohol, speech anxiety, performance anxiety, lack of ability to concentrate, problems in connection to examinations and papers, etc. Student Health Centre also provides gynaecologist care and contraceptives counselling. See the Student Health Service at Uppsala University for more information.

The Swedish emergency number is 112. Call this number ONLY in case of acute emergencies. The operator will connect you to the relevant emergency service: police, ambulance, the fire brigade etc.

Darkness during wintertime and hard studies can affect your mood and make the life in Sweden harder than expected. If you are experiencing unusual tiredness lack of vitamin D could be the problem. Please check your health with a “Vårdcentral”.

Last modified: 2021-02-22