Studies and top level sports

Uppsala University and The Swedish Sports Confederation has entered into an agreement that Uppsala University is to be an elite sports-friendly institution. This does not mean giving priority in admission to our courses or programs. But provided you are a student at the Faculty of Science and Technology, and at the same time active top level athlete, we offer you guidance and support to combine your studies with sports at elite level.


To be considered a top level athlete your sport has to be acknowledged by The Swedish Sports Confederation. As an individual athlete you must be competing the least at the level of national championships or in the national team. In a team game you must be playing in any of the two highest national leagues.  The same criteria hold for trainers and coaches as well.

Admitted to a programme at the Faculty of Science and Technology

Admitted to the programme, you are welcome to book a meeting. We will then have a look at both the education at large and the current term. To that meeting, you should include all available information about dates and times for training, training camps, games and trips in connection with your sporting activities.

Contact and guidance

Ylva Hedstrand, Study- and Career Counselor


As a top level athlete you can apply for a 25 000 SEK scholarship.

General health and physical exercise

As a student at Uppsala University you have access to a wide range of health and wellness training