Service desk Ångström

A student service desk for all students at Ångström. Get answers to general questions about your studies, records, assistance with the number of theses and reference to the right person. You can also retrieve exams from courses at Ångström.

Open hours nearest future
From Monday August 10 were open 10:00 - 12:00
Visiting address: Ångström, house 1, level 1
Postal address: Student Service Unit, Box 536, 751 21 Uppsala
Telephone: 018-471 30 03, Email:

Administrators and information officers

Paula Forslund
- Study counsellor 
Visiting address:  Ångström 11210, Ångström, house 1 level 1
Telephone:  018-471 3477

Åsa Lagerwall
- Program administrator
Administrates degree projects and admission to later part of programme.
Visiting address: Ångström 11630
Telephone: 018-471 7135

Veronica Sampietro Vikberg  - Program administrator, International officer for incoming students.
Transferring and including Swedish courses for credit, approved leave
Visiting address: Ångström 11630
Telephone: 018-471 3032

Emma Svensson - Contact person for studies abroad 
Visiting address: Ångström 11204
Book your visit at:
Telephone: 018-471 3099

Emma Svensson and Veronica Sampietro Vikberg
- Coordinator for support to international students
Visiting address: Ångström 11204
Book your visit at:
Telephone:  018-471 3099,  018-471 3032

More people

There are also study counsellors and schedulers at the Ångström Student Service, but mainly working with the engineering programmes - please go to the Swedish page to see them all.

unit director

Eva Skytt - Unit director for the Student Service Unit
Visiting address: Ångström 11209
Telephone: 018-4716398

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