Preliminary date: November 20, 2021

Graduation Ceremony 2021

The Faculty of Science and Technology’s graduation ceremony is planned to be held on November 20, 2021 if the Swedish government will approve of major public gatherings and public events.

The set-up of the ceremony will be adapted to the current guidelines and the different scenarios we have planned for are the following:

  • If there are no restrictions the ceremony will be held on site toghether with relatives and friends
  • If there are restrictions on how many people that can gather indoors, the ceremony will be held on site in small groups and be live-streamed for relatives and friends.

This year we invite graduates from both 2020 and 2021. If there are many who register to the ceremony, we will arrange two ceremonies on Saturday and possible one on Sunday. The ceremony on Sunday will then start in the afternoon since UTN organises an Exam Gasque on Saturday evening.

In the middle or end of October, we are assuemd to know how the set-up of the ceremony is expected to be and what day and time the ceremony for your program will take place.

The ceremony will be held mostly in Swedish.

Contact & Questions

Do you have questions about the Graduation Ceremony? Check out our FAQ page to see if there is an answer to your questions there.

If not, contact Karin Thellenberg at the Office for science and technology.

Don’t forget to register to our alumni network to keep in contact with us.


To participate you must have received your degree from the Graduation Office before the ceremony starts. Read more here how you apply for your degree. The registration to the ceremony opens here at the end of August and last day for registration is October 1.

For you who have applied fo, or plan to apply for, your diploma and have not yet received it, you can register your interest in the ceremony. Registration of interest opens here at the end of August and the last day to register an interest is October 1. To attend the ceremony, your degree must have been registered in Ladok at least two weeks before the ceremony starts.

Last modified: 2021-05-24