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At the "student service desks" you can get answers to general questions. They also give out the written exams for the courses taught at different campuses. The course offices help you with overall questions as well as subject-specific issues such as admission, course registration and reporting of study results. Study and career councellors for most engineering programs are located at Student Service Ångström while services for other programs are available at Student Services of the respective subject.

Some of our student counsellors are available for appointment booking via this time booking system.

Coordinator for support to international students

Liselott Dominicus van den Bussche

Responsible for our programmes  

Master Degree Programmes  - 2 year studies

Applied Biotechnology - Suparna Sanyal
Biology - Richard Svanbäck
Bioinformatics - Lisa Klasson
Chemistry- Christer Elvingson
Computer Science - Anders Berglund
Computational Science - Jarmo Rantakokko
Earth Sciences - Abigal Barker
Embedded systems - Mohamed Faouzi Atig
Energy Technology - Joakim Widén
Industrial Management and Innovation – Thomas Lennerfors
Mathematics - Denis Gaidashev
Molecular Biotechnology - Suparna Sanyal
Physics - Andreas Korn
Renewable Electricity Production – Irina Temiz
Sustainable Development - Patrik Rönnbäck and Magdalena Kuchler
Sustainable Destination Development - Ulrika Persson-Fischier
Wind Power Project Management - Liselotte Aldèn 

Master Degree Programmes  - 1 year studies

Sustainable Destination Development - Ulrika Persson-Fischier
Wind Power Project Management - Liselotte Aldèn 

Master Degree Programmes in Engineering - 5 year studies
(only given in Swedish)

Chemical Engineering - Mats Boman
Computer and Information Engineering - Lars-Åke Nordén
Electrical Engineering - Mikael Bergkvist
Energy Systems Engineering - Henrik Sjöstrand
Engineering Physics -  Stefan Johansson, bitr. Mattias Klintenberg
Environmental and Water Engineering - Roger Herbert
Materials Engineering - Klas Gunnarsson
Molecular Biotechnology Engineering -  Jan Andersson
Sociotechnical Systems Engineering - Elisabet Andresdottir

Bachelor Degree Programmes in Engineering - 3 year studies
(only given in Swedish)

Construction Engineering - Petra Pertoft
Electrical Engineering - Johan Abrahamsson
Nuclear Engineering - Michael Österlund
Mechanical Engineering -  Lars Degerman
Medical Engineering - Caroline Öhman Mägi

Bachelor Degree Programmes in Science - 3 year studies
(only given in Swedish)

Biology - Anna-Kristina Brunberg
Chemistry- Helena Grennberg
Computer sciences - Johannes Borgström
Earth Sciences - Karin Högdahl
Energy Transition - Sustainability and Leadership - Sanna Mels
Environmental Science - Karin Bengtsson
Leadership - Quality Technology – Improvement  - Mia Ljungblom
Mathematics - Martin Herschend
Physics - Matthias Weiszflog

Higher Education Diploma Programme - 2 year studies
(only given in Swedish)

Leadership - Quality Technology – Improvement  - Mia Ljungblom

Technical/Natural scientific collage year
(only given in Swedish) - Jannika Chronholm Andersson

Subject coordinators

Biology: Mikael Thollesson 
Chemistry: Felix Ho
Computer Science: Tobias Wrigstad
Earth Sciences: Sebastian Willman
Engineering Sciences: Lars Ericsson
Mathematics: Jörgen Östensson
Physics: Lisa Freyhult


For matters regarding the timetables for programmes within earth science, chemistry, mathematics and sustainable development contact: 

For matters regarding the timetables for other programmes, contact the course office in question

Education manager

Emma Kristensen (master degree programmes in engineering and master degree programmes with a focus in engineering)
Susanne Paul (naturvetenskapliga kandidat-, magister- och masterprogram samt utbildning på forskarnivå)
Sara Rosenqvist (utbildning på grund- och avancerad nivå)
Lena Strålsjö
Magnus Strandås (questions regarding internationalization)

Dean of education

We have a Dean of education that is part of the Faculty Management