Subjects and specialisation

Doctoral education is given at the research departments within the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Each specialisation has a professor responsible for doctoral studies (FUAP) and a subject curriculum. Some of the task related to the FUAP can be delegated via written delegation to another professor within the same subject area, so-called debuty FUAP. Doctoral education is also offered within a number of Doctoral Schools. A student is accepted into training at doctoral level in a specialised subject if that specialisation is available. 

Both the subject and the specialisation are stated in the degree certificate. 

Professors responsible for doctoral studies (FUAP) (220 kB)

Study Plans and Curriculums

 The Faculty uses three types of study plans at postgraduate level:

General study plan

The General study plan describes the aims and regulations for postgraduate studies which apply to all faculty subjects. 

Subject curriculum

Each subject curriculum provides a more specific description of the different subjects and specialisations which are available within the faculty. These curricula are decided on by the faculty board after preparation by the graduate educational board. Proposals for new subject curricula must follow a special template. 

Individual Study Plan

An individual study plan is a detailed personal curriculum, is specific to each postgraduate student and is revised yearly. It must be registered and archived at the department.

Everyone who in any way is involved in postgraduate education should be familiar with the content of the curricula. The individual study plan and its revisions must be registered and archived at the department.

Last modified: 2022-05-25