Education in Science and Technology

Find information about our programs and courses offered in English under “Admissions” on the university’s central web. Also see the direct links below.

Information for current students within science and technology are found on our student web.

Do you want to study technology, IT, mathematics or science?

The Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology offers 16  engineering programmes (in Swedish) and 29 bachelor - (in Swedish) and international master programmes. We also offer a one year master degree programme in wind power planning and one in sustainable destination development. For those who need to complement their high school competence to qualify for our programmes, we provide a basic year and a basic semester (both in Swedish). In addition to the courses only given within our engineering programmes, we also offer a large amount of independent courses. For those who want to immerse themselves in a field of study and conduct research on their own, we offer postgraduate studies. Most of our contract education is administrated by the Division for Contract Education but some is offered directly by our departments.