Strategic partnerships

The goal of Uppsala University's strategic partnerships is to create long-term alliances for mutual benefit and to enhance the quality of university education and research. They broaden and deepen relationships with organizations that are of particular importance for Uppsala University activities. The partnerships will also contribute to further understanding of needs and solutions to society's challenges.

Partnerships are entered into with larger companies or government organizations that can enhance both the University's research and education. They are characterized by their extensive breadth, covering multiple scientific fields and disciplines and including cooperation on individual mobility, educational partnerships, recruitment and research collaborations.

Strategic partnerships can either be initiated by the Uppsala University Management or by external partners. The Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-Rectors are part of the Steering Group for each strategic partnership.


ABB. Logotype.

Focus areas for collaboration:

  • Professional development and recruitment
  • Research
  • Communication

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Uppsala Municipality

Focus areas for collaboration:

  • Skills provisioning and professional development
  • Sustainable societal development and infrastructure
  • Business and workplace policy

Agreement on deepened partnership

NCC. Logotype.Uppsala University and the Swedish construction company NCC has signed an agreement on deepened collaboration. Through joint activities, the goal is to facilitate the recruitment of highly trained engineers and contribute to research on current and future technology in the long term. The overall aim is to broaden the partnership, both in form and content, and lay the foundation for a long-term partnership. Energy, construction and component technology are natural areas of collaboration but additional ones will be identified, both ones related to technology and the humanities and social sciences. Examples of collaborative activities include joint research projects, student projects, internships and master’s theses.


The initiation and development of Uppsala University partnerships follows a structured and planned process which is regularly monitored and evaluated and presupposes a Manager in each organisation.

UU Innovation is involved in the partnership process in several ways, including as partner leaders from Uppsala University. The partner leader has an operational role in both the establishment and development of partnerships, and coordinate efforts to produce and assessing annual activity plans. The work is carried out in jointly with the partner leader of the collaborative partner, and requires a close dialogue with concerned individuals at the University.

UU Innovation also assists with activities such as matchmaking and knowledge exchange as well as process support in collaborative projects.