TUR Ethics seminar: The ethics of intergenerational justice: implications for teaching and learning in an era of climate change.

  • Date: –12:00
  • Location: Geocentrum Skåne
  • Lecturer: Keri Facer, the Zennström Professor of Climate Change Leadership
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  • Organiser: TUR - teknisk-naturvetenskapliga fakultetens universitetspedagogiska råd
  • Contact person: Thomas Lennerfors
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At this TUR Ethics seminar, we are very happy to invite Keri Facer, the Zennström Professor of Climate Change Leadership, for a discussion about intergenerational justice - a key topic within environmental ethics and sustainability.

A rich intergenerational relationship is at the heart of the educational exchange, a relationship premised both on the recognition of existing knowledge and the potential for the next generation of students to renew and challenge this knowledge. What happens to this relationship in an era in which climate change and its consequences are being framed as an act of intergenerational betrayal? What educational practices are adequate to the potentially radically different future life chances of staff and students? Who is able to play the role of elder and mentor in these conditions? This workshop will invite participants to explore these questions with reference to Hannah Arendt (and the climate strike movement)

About Keri Facer: Keri is Zennström Professor of Climate Change at Uppsala and Professor of Educational and Social Futures at the University of Bristol. An interdisciplinary researcher with a background in literature, sociology, computer science and cultural studies, her work is primarily concerned with exploring the relationship between educational practices (formal and informal) and wider social, technological and environmental change.

About the TUR Ethics Seminar:
Welcome to TUR Ethics Seminar! The purpose of this seminar series is to inspire, provide knowledge, and develop the skills of teachers and pedagogical leaders interested in strengthening the ethical aspects of education within the Faculty of Science and Technology. We welcome both those who are experts in ethics in science and technology, those who have some experience, and those who would like to get introduced to the topic. We discuss issues such as why and how ethics can be introduced in our education. We discuss experience in ethics training that is already being conducted at the Faculty as well as at other institutions.

If you have any questions, please contact thomas.lennerfors@angstrom.uu.se