Alumni play an important role in our work to maintain our position as a leading international university. We create a strong, global network together. Get involved in our alumni activities and let us continue to inspire you.

Alumni are of great importance to us!

Johan Tysk. Portrait.As an alumna/alumnus of Uppsala University, you are extremely important to us! By listening to your experiences, we are able to maintain the high quality of our courses and make Uppsala University students even more sought-after in the labour market.

We would like to work closely with you to improve our educational offerings and research activities. Together, we can make real progress on finding solutions to the societal challenges of our time.

We also wish to offer you professional development, something we believe to be invaluable in the changing world we live in. We are here for you if there is anything you need to further improve your position in the labour market.

We want to hear your views and thoughts on how we can work together in the best way going forward. Our door is always open for you!

Johan Tysk, Vice-rector, the Faculty of Science and Technology

Last modified: 2021-03-31