Graduate Educational Board (FUN)


  • to prepare matters in advance of decisions by the Disciplinary Domain Board;
  • to establish and adopt subject/specialisation syllabi upon delegation of authority from the Disciplinary Domain Board;
  • to take decisions on credit transfers for mandatory courses in research ethics;
  • to establish the range of faculty-wide graduate education courses and publish an online course catalogue;
  • to monitor work on individual study plans and completion;
  • to bear responsibility for general quality work;
  • to bear responsibility for information provided to professors responsible for graduate education;
  • to ensure that the faculty’s supervisors are offered/undertake training;
  • to collaborate with the departments’ directors of postgraduate education;
  • to collaborate with the Educational Board of Science (NUN) and the Educational Board of Engineering (TUN);
  • to collaborate with other faculties and higher education institutions.


The chair (F), one teacher from each section is appointed by the Disciplinary Domain Board (for by-elections, by the Working Committee) on the recommendation of the section deans. Two student representatives (preferably doctoral students) form part of FUN. The Graduate Educational Board appoints a deputy chair from among its members.


Jörgen Olsson, chair
Stephan Wagner (mathematics-computer science)
Göran Ericsson (physics)
Joakim Widén (technology)
Ann Magnuson (chemistry)
Anders Virtanen (biology)
Lars Holmer (earth sciences)
Corrado Comparotto (doctoral student representative)
Makoto Shigei (doctoral student representative)

(Members appointed for the period 2021-01-01—2023-12-31, chair appointed for the period 2020-07-01—2023-06-30, PhD representatives appointed for the academic year of 2021-2022.


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Last modified: 2021-10-26