Our campus

A multidisciplinary holistic approach is a cardinal principle at Uppsala University. Research and education are stimulated and advanced by the encounter between the varying perspectives of the Disciplinary Domains. The University strives to create optimal environments for interdisciplinary research and education. Creative forums for research and education have been built up in a variety of centres for research and education, each with a distinct focus.

Here is a map of all university campus with those carrying out research within science and technology highlighted. They are all located within a distance of 1-2 kilometres from the city centre, except Gotland that is an island in the southwest of Sweden.

The Ångström Laboratory

Located in modern premises, the Ångström Laboratory is one of Europe's most advanced laboratories for research and education in the areas of physics, chemistry, materials and mathematics. The research is at the international fore-front, including atomic design of functional materials for applications in electronics, solar cells, batteries and sensors, among others. Another prominent area is energy research with applications in, for example, wave power and vertical wind power.
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Uppsala Biomedical Center (BMC)

The research and education at BMC is conducted in biology, pharmacy, chemistry, medicine and nutritional sciences. It is one of Europe's largest centers for life science. There is a strong concentration of researchers in chemistry, structural biology, physiology and pharmaceutical disciplines, providing unique opportunities for the development of new drugs.
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Geo Centre

The Geo Centre offers education and research in earth sciences – ranging from igneous rocks and volcanoes to earthquakes, climate and the storage of carbon dioxide.

Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC)

EBC hosts a large part of Uppsala University's research and education in biology. Its research is largely based on genetics and is geared towards understanding the evolutionary origins of the characteristics of organisms. More information, Maps, Street view

Information Technology Centre (ITC)

ITC hosts Uppsala University's research and education in Information Technology. The IT department ranks among Sweden's broadest and strongest and hosts world-leading research activities in several areas of computer science, numerical analysis, and systems and control. It hosts larger research centers in areas such as parallel programming, e-science, and wireless sensor networks. More information, Maps, Street view