TUK 2020 - postponed due to covid-19

Updated: 5 May 2020

Due to the coronavirus TUK2020 has been postponed to March 16, 2021

Earlier information: 12 march 2020

Due to covid-19, we feel compelled to postpone TUK2020 which would have been held on Tuesday 17 March. It is our hope that we instead will be able to hold TUK at the end of August 2020 and that we can then use all prepared material such as the program, posters and presentations.

We regret that the conference cannot be carried out as planned, but we believe that this is the best and safest decision possible under the circumstances. We will get back with a date as soon as possible and you are of course welcome to contact us in TUR if you have any comments or suggestions about the conference.

TUK 2020

ConfereNce on Higher education Pedagogy

Tuesday 17'th of March 2020, 9:15-16:00, Humanities Theater

Similar to previous years, the Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology, TUK 2020, gives the opportunity to meetings, discussions and presentations of the pedagogical development and educational projects that take place at our faculty. The conference is centered around presentations and discussions with our colleages around various pedagogical projects, including your own if you wish to present your ideas. This provides an excellent forum for pitching new projects and ideas, or make contacts with future partners about educationally relevant issues. The vice-chancellor Eva Åkesson will give the welcoming speech and open the conference.

Keri Facer @ Humanities theater

Keynote speaker will be Keri Facer, Zennström professor in Climate Change Leadership, who will give a presentation on

Rethinking Education in the Era of Climate Change.
Abstract: This talk will explore the profound civilisational challenges that climate change poses to universities - to what we teach and how we see our role. It will argue that universities have the potential to make a significant contribution to addressing the mitigation and adaptation challenges of climate change -  as institutions and through our teaching and research. This talk will focus in on the role of teachers, the question of intergenerational trust and the strategies that might be developed for embodied, intelligent and wise education under these conditions. 

Especially for this year, there is panel debate with invited teachers from other faculties at the university and a student representative. Charlotte Platzer Björkman, director of CEMUS, will moderate the debate, which focuses on how we as teachers can help our students tackle the climate challenges. Anna Rutgersson, adviser to the Vice-Chancellor on Sustainability Issues, will have a round table discussion on the challenges of climate change in education.

The deadline registration of abstracts and posters is  25'th of Feburary. Specify if you want to contribute with a poster only (size max 70 cm width * 118 cm height), a presentation, or a round table discussion (you start with a short introduction to a discussion question / problem followed by discussion among the participants you are moderating). Please note that all contributions will result into a poster. The last day for registration as a participant is 11'th of March. Register your participation and/or abstract here http://doit.medfarm.uu.se/kurt15364

UpdateThe entire program is ready, including the parallel sessions and poster session,  as well as the list with contributions.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Katarina Andreasen or Björn Victor. You are welcome to spread the information using the official poster for the conference.

The conference is organised by the Council for Educational Development at the Faculty for Science and Tehcnology TUR.

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