TUK 2021


Tuesday 16'th of March 2021

Similar to previous years, the Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy organized by the Faculty of Science and Technology, TUK 2021, gives the opportunity to meetings, discussions and presentations of the pedagogical development and educational projects that take place at our faculty. The conference is centered around presentations and discussions with our colleages around various pedagogical projects, including your own if you wish to present your ideas. This provides an excellent forum for pitching new projects and ideas, or make contacts with future partners about educationally relevant issues.

Keynote speaker will be Dr. Martha Cleveland-Innes, who will give a presentation on "Blended and online teaching and learning: Identifying pedagogical change in higher education".

Abstract: What requirements are embodied in the art of teaching in blended learning? An effective teacher must be true to the learning objectives of the subject-matter at hand while attending to the multitude of characteristics students bring to the experience.  Effective teachers bridge content and student needs through appropriate student engagement; a tactic as old as education itself. How do teachers use the tools available to blend in-person and online learning environments in ways that create deep and meaningful learning for students?  Results from two recent studies will be discussed. This session will provide context, ideas, and key principles for using available tools to blend in-person and virtual learning opportunities. Come with experiences and ideas to share! 

Martha Cleveland-InnesDr. Martha Cleveland-Innes is Professor and Program Director, Master of Education Program, Athabasca University. She is the author of The Guide to Blended Learning and instructor, co-designer, and researcher for the open online course Blended Learning Practice.  The 2nd edition of Introduction to Distance Education: Teaching and Learning in a New Era, which she co-edited, has just been released by Taylor & Francis in 2021. She has held major research grants supporting research on the technology-enabled student experience. In 2019 Martha received an Honorary Doctorate from Mid-Sweden University and the Leadership Award from the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education. Her research interest areas include 1) online and blended learning 2) communities of inquiry 3) higher education reform and 4) leadership in education. Martha is currently Visiting Professor of Pedagogy at Mid-Sweden University.

Vice-rector Johan Tysk will open the conference and talk on ”Educational development for a changing student population and new technical opportunities”.

Due to covid-19 the conference will be digital. The deadline registration of abstracts and posters is  February 21, 2021. Specify if you want to contribute with a digital poster, a prerecorded presentation (short video max 10 min), or a live online-presentation  (20 minutes Zoom session including questions). The last day for registration as a participant is March 10. Register your participation and/or abstract Register to TUK 2021

The conference program is now available, as well as the abstracts for all contributions, posters and presentations.

You can help by spreading the information about this conference in your own department with the help of this poster. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Katarina Andreasen.

The conference is organised by the Council for Educational Development at the Faculty for Science and Tehcnology TUR.


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