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Postgraduate studies within Science and Technology

Welcome to the The Faculty of Science and Technology and our information about post graduate studies. The information is both for future post graduate students and for you who have enrolled as a post graduate student here at one of our departments.

The subject range is immensely broad, ranging from basic to applied and industry-related research. Two degrees at different levels of research are awarded at the Faculty of Science and Technology: Doctor of Philosophy in Science and Licentiate of Science. Postgraduate training is at the highest level of the education system. Studies are carried out within the research programmes of the different departments.

The Faculty of Science and Technology holds overall supervisory responsibility for postgraduate training. The specific department with which the postgraduate student is registered holds executive responsibility. The training offered is of a high standard and so structured that those who successfully complete it shall be well prepared and well qualified for a position at the best universities, nationally and internationally, in industry, public agencies, and society in general.

Overall aim

Postgraduate training should provide the proficiency and experience necessary for the carrying out of independent research, over and above the specifications stipulated for basic and advanced level university education.
It should have such content that those who are awarded a doctoral degree are well prepared to compete nationally and internationally for positions at the best universities, public agencies and society in general. 

The level of specialisation should enable those who are awarded a degree to have a documented ability for critical analysis and discussion, a good scientific approach, and an ability to understand and deal with ethical questions. 
It should be so structured that the research student can achieve a degree within the given time.

Postgraduate students should gain pedagogical experience by contributing to teaching within their scientific area. 
Information about what it means to study at doctoral level can be obtained from the Handbook for Postgraduate Students issued by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education.

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