Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology

Academic calendar and reexminations

Reexam dates further down

Academic calender 2018/2019

Autumn semester (HT) 2018

Period 1   
Week 36-43 (3/9-28/10)

Period 2
Week 44-03 (29/10-20/1)

Spring semester (VT) 2019

Period 3
Week 4-12 (21/1-24/3)

Period 4
Week 13-23 (25/3-9/6)

Days free of schedule
27-28/12, Valborg 30/4, Free day between two public holidays 31/5

Dates for re-examinations

Re-exam routines academic year 2016/2017

Each exam will be followed by at least two re-examinations per year of which one will be offered in the re-exam period in August. Some courses have several course occasions per year. In the document below with guidelines is a table that shows when the re-examinations shall be provided. For courses that go over two periods, the period in which the exam is, is the one referred to in the table below. Note that re-exam in addition to the re-exam periods also can be written in conjunction with regular course occasion for those who read the course earlier. See also the guidelines for re-examinations within the faculty of Science and Technology 2016/2017.

Re-examination periods 2016/2017

  1. Re-examination week 1 (2-5/1)
  2. Re-examination week 16 18-22/4
  3. Re-examination week 23 och 24 (7-13/6)
  4. Re-examination for all courses week 33 and 34 (14-26/8)

More information about examinations is found here

Re-exam routines academic year 2017/2018

Guidelines for re-examinations within the faculty of Science and Technology 2017/2018.