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Away and back – international student ambassador in Brazil

7 March 2017

In December 2016, Anderson Clemente Cazita went to Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora to inform about Uppsala University’s master programmes within science and technology. A previous student in Canada, Anderson is now enrolled at the Master Programme in Renewable Electricity Production.

Why did you want to become an international student ambassador?

“Being an international student ambassador is a unique opportunity to actively participate in university life. I get to spread my experiences and meet new students, while being of benefit to Uppsala University.”

What response did you get from the Brazilian students?

"The students think the education seem really good but they don’t know that the classes are held in English. They believe all teaching is in Swedish. In general, they have a positive view of the Swedish society and think it appears well-organized.”

"The students want to know more about the language, teaching in labs, overhead expenses in Sweden compared to Brazil and whether they can take English courses. They're also interested in the selection process and want to know how I found out about Uppsala University.”

What is the biggest obstacle for students before they can begin their studies at Uppsala University?

"The students must first organize all documents that need to be officially translated from Portuguese to English. This is expensive and takes a long time. The TOEFL-test (a language test in English) can also be a problem, because of the low English proficiency of many Brazilian students. The test is also relatively expensive. The application itself can also be a problem because many Brazilian students do not know how the application process works.”

What are you going to do after your studies?

"My plans for the future are still open. I may follow an academic career or work for some company within renewable electricity production. I’ve also got some plans to start my own company within solar systems and renewable development.”

Do you want to know more about Anderson and the Master Programme in Renewable Electricity Production? Watch the video with Anderson here:


The international student ambassadors visit their home universities and promote the master programmes within science and technology. A visit by an ambassador generates on average two new master students, according to an evaluation of the project. In 2014 to 2016, 20 international student ambassadors from 10 of the Faculty’s master programs participated in the project.


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