How does one become a PhD student?


The eligibility requirements for postgraduate education are as follows:

  • Basic eligibility, i.e. a degree at advanced level or a basic education with a minimum of 240 higher education credits of which at least 60 are at advanced level or the equivalent. 
  • Special eligibility i.e. knowledge gained from university education or equivalent or specific vocational experience. 
  • The applicant must be judged to have the ability needed to complete the research.

Advertisement of posts

According to the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 5, Section 5, available postgraduate places that are partly or wholly financed by the university’s own funds must be advertised, so that those who are interested can apply for the post within a specified time. Externally financed positions should also be advertised. Advertisements can be made at central level or at department/section level. The Faculty does not have a single common enrolment date for all departments. 


Application for enrolment into postgraduate education is made on a special form, directly to the department offering that subject/specialisation. Information concerning special eligibility and other requirements are specified in the study plan for each department or section of a department.  The application shall specify subject as well as specialisation.


The head of the department of the subject or specialization accepts doctoral students. Doctorands with other finance than employment as doctorand at Uppsala University, i.e. industry-based doctoral students, students with their own fund (such as stipends and scholarships), students employed at another higher education institution, part-time students, and licentiate students, are accepted by the faculty board on the recommendation of the board’s executive committee.

Admission is decided after consultation with the supervisors at the department. The admission decision shall specify research professor and supervisors (at least two). One of these must be appointed as main supervisor. An individual study plan should be drawn up in connection with an admission.